net profit increase

sold-out recovery




Reservation.Works API acts as an automated add-on layer that optimizes your profits and cures the burden of sold-outs. This lightning fast API runs imperceptibly in the background and jumps into action only after your customer has booked. After a fast and easy integration and with your existing booking platform, you will earn more on your bookings and gain.

We designed the user interface to make it easy for you to navigate and customize according to your business model, while gaining valuable insights and full visibility into the process. The UI intuitively allows you to define override commissions, allowed change in buy price to recover a sold-out, and to manage supplier contracts. Reservation.Works’ easy to navigate dashboard helps you track your performance with live notifications and an array of reports, graphs, and widgets.


Net profit increase

Automatically locates and books a cheaper buy rate for an equal or better offer across your supplier network to increase your net profit.

Sold-out recovery

Overcomes booking failures with functionality that automatically reroutes the booking to an alternative supplier from your network.

Business insights

Enables you to define rules, connect and manage your suppliers, and gain data and insights into essential business data through data and BI reporting.

Reporting capabilities

Clearly shows every booking attempt, sold-out, profit increase and historical data allowing you to retain complete control.

80 Suppliers available

Connects you with a network of over 80 hotel suppliers, with just one API.

Unbeatable accuracy

Processes 80,000 room rates per second and 8 years of historical data ensuring the most accurate results.

Easy integration

Supports all booking platforms and supplier integrations with a quick and easy onboarding process.

Rev-share model

Requires zero investment thanks to our rev-share model so you can start earning immediately.




An overview of Mapping.Works Hotels by Daniel Levanon,
Marketing Director.