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With just one API you gain access to a host of features that can transform your business. Travolutionary’s complete booking platform includes the full arsenal of functionality required to run a successful travel agency, entirely available via API. Manage every step of travel product sales through a singular point of contact.


Aggregation via API

Process searches, bookings and payments in one aggregated environment and one API.

Expansive inventory

Access a wide variety of inventory with 150+ total service providers.

Optimize supplier queries

Reduce server loads and decrease look-to-books with search optimization that removes unnecessary queries by calculating the likelihood of a conversion.

Integrated mapping

Maximize your selling capacity with accurate and standardized search results powered by Travolutionary's integrated hotel and room mapping.

Search speed

Provide users and agents with quickest search results backed by Microsoft Azure cloud, ensuring both speed and quality.

Profit Optimization

Optimize profitability by finding a rate with better margins after your user commits to a hotel booking, or recover a sold-out by rerouting to an alternate supplier.

Dynamic pricing

Secure the highest hotel booking profit margins possible with pricing functionality that recognizes the most competitive rooms so you can strategically and dynamically increase your markups, with full visibility.

Integrated payment options

Collect payments and process credit cards by using any of the 30 integrated payment gateways.

Currency settings

Support any currency you choose, be that single or multiple currencies.

Real time data access

Access complete log data on every search and booking made through the API.

Fraud management

Identify suspicious searches with Travolutionary’s automated fraud recognition feature and prevents suspicious bookings.

API push notifications

Receive email or SMS notifications regarding any action you want, from failed reservation attempts to status changes.

Built in meta search

Access all major OTAs and their rates (such as Expedia or Hotelbeds), compare and book with them or benchmark net rates to compete at market level pricing.

Multiple rate types

Configure rates to meet your demands - prepaid, pay at hotel, part paid, commissionable, public, bar, negotiated, opaque and more.

Tech support

The Travolutionary API is maintained and updated by Gimmonix tech support team meaning no technical maintenance is required on your end.




An overview of our booking and aggregation platform Travolutionary by Ian Arroyo VP, Business Development