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With a wide range of features, Travolutionary's complete profitability management and booking solution aggregates suppliers and service providers. Travolutionary actively maximizes your profit margins, enriches content, improves customer and partner relations, and provides you with the insights needed to make informed business decisions. These features and a host of others come together to take your business to the next level.


Supplier integration

Integrate with 150+ service providers including 80+ hotel suppliers through a single API.

Data processing

Collect, aggregate and analyze incoming data from multiple suppliers into a single uniform output.

Business logic layers

Enhance functionality by leveraging powerful business logic made possible through advanced algorithms.

Sold-out solution

Cure sold-outs and booking errors with smart AI that replaces sold-outs with identical offer to ensure customers get what they want.

Lower look-to-books

Reduce unnecessary queries to suppliers and lower L2B rates with the Optisearch capability.

Enriched content

Drive conversions by using enhanced rich content that makes offerings more appealing and more likely to be booked.

Reporting tools

Make informed decisions with historical data and reporting tools that facilitate business insights and projections.

Technological compatibility

Synchronize and work with all back office systems through a single technologically compatible solution.

Automated mapping

Automatically map hotel and room inventory with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

Quality and speed

Provide agents and end-users with some of the highest search speeds possible, without compromising on quality or quantity using the Microsoft Azure cloud technology.

Convenient workflow

Manage orders, reservations and administrative functions instantaneously through your browser.

White label solution

Configure Travolutionary as a white label solution to suit your needs with B2B user theming, CSS, user display UI, API behavior control and more.

Hardware independent

Reduce hardware expenses and costly refreshes, no hardware upgrades are ever needed.

Dedicated Support

Receive personalized support when you need it. Our full-time dedicated support team is available to you year round.

Dynamic pricing

Automate inventory pricing with a dynamic pricing system that ensures maximum profitability while keeping you competitive with market rates.

Cloud-based infrastructure

Scale without limit, grow your business without concern for hardware or software issues, or maintenance costs. Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure expands and contracts based on usage.

Custom financial settings

Manage your travel business by setting buy rates, rules, override commissions and access to supply sources.

Market insights

Gain visibility into market prices and set optimal markups with the integrated metasearch function.

Distribution ready solution

Provide your partners with a complete booking system that has all the sales tools they need to maximize your profits all through a convenient UI.

Permission configuration

Tightly control permissions, access and privileges for all of your agents, ensuring they only access what they need.

Credit Line Management

Predefine credit for your distribution channels to reduce risk with the Obligo payment method.

Scheduled notifications and updates

Schedule and automatically send reminders, vouchers, updates and confirmations at predefined times to end-users.

Rate selection

Select the hotel rate type that suits your business model – prepaid, pay at hotel, part paid, commissionable, public, bar, and more.

Instant notifications

Get notifications through email or SMS for any action you need to be aware of, from mapping updates to status changes.

Fraud prevention

Mitigate fraud with our automated system that identifies suspicious searches and prevents bookings from proceeding without manual confirmation.

Payment processing

Collect and process payments through any of the 30 payment gateways integrated into Travolutionary.

Direct booking

Book with any of your suppliers or providers directly through Travolutionary, without the need for any additional integrations.




An overview of our booking and aggregation platform Travolutionary by Ian Arroyo VP, Business Development